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22-Mar-2019 03:27

Don't mess up another generation of kids by making them think their bodies are bad.

I was hoping that this 30 minute piece about sex etc.

Unquestionably the best film regarding approaching sex ed for parents that was ever made.

There is nothing radical or religious or ..anything..except rational, in dealing with this issue. Pretty well balanced and useful film for the 1960's parent.

Responses included, "Cry me a river, build me a bridge and get over it," "You guys are basic and nobody likes you" and "No one cares what you think." The letter explains that Janesville School District "rightly determined that showing the video contravened its Academic Freedom and Controversial Issues in the Classroom policies" and that the video's "disparagement of religious beliefs opposing same-sex marriage likely violated the Establishment Clause." The letter also notes that the "Board of Education recognizes students' 'right to receive competent instruction in an atmosphere free from bias and prejudice.'" Moreover, the school's policy "affirms that 'although teachers have the right to express their own viewpoints and opinions, they do not have the right to indoctrinate students.'""Schools are wise to take an unbiased and objective approach when teaching about controversial social issues," adds ADF litigation counsel Jonathan Scruggs.

"We commend the district for recognizing that the one-sided, anti-religious same-sex marriage video shown in class violated its policies and undermined parental authority.

In addition, we're given no alternative strategy to deal with toddlers playing with themselves.

Editor's Note: 2017 was a big year in the church—and in the world.And for heavens sakes, act like genitals are basically a toe you just generally you keep coverd up - otherwise its yours to do with as you please. These two guys were nationally recognized experts in this area.