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25-Apr-2019 14:33

Not sure where the ghost in the machine is at, but for the awareness it provides I give it a thumbs up! As long as the Stratus has a good view of the sky it seems rock solid.

I've had the 2s for several years now, and I have it mounted with the suction cup mount (without external antennas) on the side of the rear window on the C150. Love the Stratus 2S with Foreflight's Synthetic Vision! I seriously do not know how I got along without one.

Appareo Stratus and Foreflight are essentially made for each other and only each other....it's a shame that they don't open source it for better flexibility for ADS-B transceiver/Receiver options like other EFB and/or ADS-B manufacturers do....there is another EFB company that states on their website that their product will work with Stratus, but I believe that it is only with certain models of Stratus, and that there are glitches that interfere with smooth operation. Purchase your i Pad with the maximum recommended memory. At times it seemed real time but this was due to the nature of the pop up thunderstorms which "popped up" as the term implies, but then just stayed in one place as opposed to moving rapidly as they do in the northeast.