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08-Apr-2019 13:57

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Due to recent changes with Pay Pal I'm having some minor issues with my subscription system.The developer for the software has gone out of business and I'm currently working out a new solution.The original inspiration for these games came from Play Station Eye Toy games.I am interested in human-computer interaction and I wanted to study what can be achieved with this kind of approach.If you are having problems signing up for the site please contact me via Email.Webcam Mania is a series of webcam based games I've developed in my free time.Players try to keep the ball in the playfield by moving the paddles up and down.Webcam Mania 1.0 is a webcam game that contains eight minigames.

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It was based on VMM Basic that was developed by Balrog Software on top of Pure Basic.

Currently at the end of May we have 17 hours of daylight. This summer I will be doing some minor changes to the website.