Updating speedstream dsl ethernet modem lost and damned dating

25-Aug-2019 03:40

If you got here by accident, you'll probably find it easier to use the search box below, or click here to return to our Linux answers archive.The thread does not say where and how i can update the firmware.Modem Status Page changes to I have at the moment BP firmware 004-D240-A6E and if update my firmware to the non locked version and for some reason if I have to change back to BP firmware Can I install the latest firmware from BP?I dont have adsl2 only adsl Thanks Advice required please.I have downloaded to my PC both the SS 4200 upgrade images on the Siemens site (When I try to upgrade the firmware, the front screen comes up with the following sequence of messages:- firstly, “Searching for Device”- followed by “XIO Modem - No IP Address”- followed by “XIO Modem - No NIC IP”Throughout this whole process, the Update Firmware button remains greyed out and unavailable. I have tried both the Siemens’ images, run them several times, run them with and without the SS connected to the DSL link, the result is always the same as per above.

So I then tried my nine year old superceded PC which had much less in the way of security measures.

I am downloading at a MAX of 1mbps, I am 1.3km away from my exchange, so I should be getting much better speeds?

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