The dating of chinese bronze mirrors

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It speaks best to those who meet its quiet with quiet, who come to it innocent of realistic expectation.

The observer who sincerely desires to experience the Oriental work of art - no less than the artist who wishes to break through the restraints put by intellect upon creation - does well to ponder over the symbol of the eye at the centre of being.

• How Eastern Art Compares to Western Art • The Magnificence of Early Chinese Art • Buddhism Enters Chinese Art • Ceremonial Bronzes • Jade Carvings • Pottery • Sculpture • Scythian Origins of Chinese Metal Sculpture • Buddhist Religious Art • Clay Statuettes • Painting • Linearity in Calligraphy and Painting • More About Asian Art The Eastern nations from Persia to China developed civilizations distinguished by ancient art suffused with the qualities of the spirit.

The Greek way was to reject the unknowable, to distrust what could not be identified by the brain, and (instead) to advance by intellectualization, to fix in artworks the naturally beautiful, the rational, the deduced ideal.

Pondering and understanding, he may find new quietude in living; new insight, even ecstasy, in contemplation; and a new world of formal enjoyment opened before him in the realm of Oriental art.

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Its glories are achieved in the realms of the near-abstract, the contemplatively mystical, and the richly sensuous.

As a last word about the spirit and intent of Asiatic art one may say that it does not hold up a landscape as an exhibit.