Taurus man dating aries woman

27-May-2019 07:06

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My Bull is also a classic Taurus Male (4/29), 48 years old, and by far he exhibits ALL the personality traits and characteristics of a First Decan Bull, both negative and positive!Our friendship spans over 10 years, however we have been companions for the past 3 years.Being a true Aries I am long winded and have a lot to say, I will try and keep my comment short and to the point.I will provide some insight on my current "FRIEND-LATION-SHIP" with my MATURE TAURUS MALE!We met as co-workers working for the Federal Government.The GOO dedicated worker (my bull has 2 jobs) Key word dedicated (he doesn't like to work hard lol), the bull has a knack for dedication but they don't like to work hard just make the appearance of such lol.As long as you compromise, and speed up your pace a little bit to keep up with them, it's a fun [email protected], really appreciate you taking the time to share!!

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I think we are both too chicken to be the first to state our true feelings/intentions and we are both keeping each other at arms length. I am a 34 year old Aries Woman (3/27), and I exhibit pretty much all the negative /positive characteristics and personality traits that describe the First Decan Aries!I have an Aries merc and Leo rising and moon in my chart so I get on extremely well with both these signs! Once an Aries man has caught his prey he plays with it for a bit then quickly moves on to the next victim..I'm pretty "brazen" myself but I think aries men start the "brazenness" off too early in the game!!LOL interesting observation about the "brazen" Aries men!

I respect that you are straightforward and that you and your man are not playing games.My advice to you is to remind him that you two are together for a reason, to compliment him, to nurture him, and to not put yourself in shady situations really. (you said you dated *plenty* of Aries women heheheh) I can't even remind him of these things because we are not officially together.