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20-May-2019 23:55

If you then switch to independent work, remind them that absolute quiet will be expected.Briefly describe what that will look like, even spelling out what misbehavior,” Linsin says, “it’s a good thing.“When students are not doing something that you’ve previously taught them how to do,” Linsin says, “whether it’s talking or entering the classroom, and they don’t do it well, even though the students are responsible for their behavior, when most of the class is not doing what you ask, it’s on you. There’s some disconnect there, there’s something they’re not understanding.” Some teachers might wonder whether it’s reasonable to expect students to be quiet at all, especially if they are younger. “You should absolutely expect, no matter where you’re teaching or what grade level, that the students are able to sit quietly while you’re giving instruction or directions, and they should be able to sit quietly and work during independent work times.” Should there also be times when talking is permitted? “It’s really important to give students an opportunity to express themselves, to get up and move around, to work in groups and pairs and discuss.Classrooms should be vibrant and interesting, exciting places, and so I’m all for getting students up and moving and having fun.Those things just make classroom management stronger, and they free you to ask anything of your students, including silence.” If you came here looking for a few tricks to end excessive talking, the bad news is that you won’t find anything clever or earth-shattering.The good news is that the solution is pretty simple, and it requires no behavior charts, tokens, or Jolly Ranchers.

“Have a directed lesson ready,” Linsin advises, “to have them prove to you they can do it in practice.” If you’ve taught the expectations in detail, students should do a good job, but if they don’t, you need to enforce your consequences exactly as you described.That’s not to say that you won’t have disrespectful students, but shifting the blame to them means you have no power over the situation.

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