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This fairly realistic, three-hour long South American/Brazilian rain forest tale was an adaptation of Peter Matthiessen's well-regarded 1965 novel by Brazilian director Hector Babenco (and producer Saul Zaentz). I'm not scared anymore" and she was determined to proceed.

It told about the creative process regarding an uninspired, married, impatient and aging French artist-painter Edouard Frenhofer (Michel Piccoli) who suddenly returned to work on an abandoned, neglected masterpiece of ten years - the painting was known as "La Belle Noiseuse."He returned to work when offered to paint the attractive girlfriend (of three years) of gifted young artist Nicolas Wartel (David Bursztein) who was visiting at his rural Provence chateau - she was a strong-willed model and aspiring writer named Marianne (Emmanuelle Béart). Before the third day's session, Elizabeth warned Marianne: "Be careful...

We unexpectedly catch sight of ourselves in a mirror and, in an instant, are thrown into despair: the odd nose, the unsatisfactory hair, the sickening skin tone, but most of all, the only too familiar, deeply gormless needy expression.

It feels at such moments as if every worst fear about us must be true.

All my foolish acts and all the good things I have done have had the same cause - an aspiration for a perfect and ideal love.

The film's twist was that Elise's perverted husband Stanley had set up his wife with the mysterious photographer (suspected of being a sadistic serial killer) to have video shot (used as blackmail), so that he could coax or lure her into bondage and S&M sessions with him.

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Marianne, his newly-acquired muse, was his next model - suggested and volunteered by Nicolas. Feeling unloved, Elizabeth (who was becoming more and more disconsolate, tormented and jealous because of her husband's rapt attention to his model), compared her painting of 10 years earlier with the current one. You've made us sick of each other." She sensed her husband's sadness about his new project: "But now it's not a new beginning.

In his vast, long-neglected stone-walled studio, Frenhofer began by making multiple artistic sketches of Marianne, the first two with her clothed. It's the end."On the fourth day of painting, Frenhofer again took charge of his model for the last session.

Frenhofer remembered: "In the past, they tied up the models. I'll get to know what's inside under your thin surface. It used to be me," but then confided in Elizabeth: "I'm not unaware any more."Writer/director John Singleton's coming-of-age tale was set in South Central Los Angeles.

They hanged them by their wrists or ankles to keep the pose." He also described his painting of Liz: "Anyway, at first I wanted her, before wanting to paint her. The fear became the driving force behind what I did." Toward the end of the second day of posing, he told Marianne his goal - to possess her from the inside out: "I'll break you to pieces... Singleton became the first African-American and the youngest filmmaker to be nominated as Best Director for this film.

Ten years earlier, Frenhofer's original and favorite model was his wife Elizabeth (Jane Birkin). It (his work) can cause a lot of damage to people....