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24-May-2019 01:43

In Australia, the song is his first top ten and number one single.A recording of the song was released digitally by Hit Masters, a karaoke company whose version was made available in the i Tunes Store in North America.In the rest of Europe, the song was available as a physical and digital release and it has also topped the charts in Ireland, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

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Additionally, before the guitar solo, Kid Rock shouts "turn it up" as an homage to the original Skynyrd song's opening.As Rock's version remained in the top 30 based on radio airplay alone, Hit Masters jumped into the top 20 due to its sales strength. it debuted at number 38 on the Billboard Hot 100 and then rose to number 29 the next week, and also in Canada it debuted at number 16 on the Canadian Hot 100 due to digital downloads.