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The first action plan mentions for the first time the Technical Specification 03.40 "Technical Realisation of the Short Message Service". The first and very rudimentary draft of the technical specification was completed in November 1987.

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Although most SMS messages are mobile-to-mobile text messages, support for the service has expanded to include other mobile technologies, such as ANSI CDMA networks and Digital AMPS.Directed at servicemen and women, the game takes the form of a tower defense…Read More Master Card EDGE (Employees Driving the Global Enterprise) delivers a wealth of information to empower Master Card employees to deliver the company’s value message.The main reason is women understand each other, whereas men and women come from different planets.

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Dating app Lesly has invited a team of experts to contribute to the design of this app.Finn Trosby of Telenor chaired the draft group through its first 3 years, in which the design of SMS was established.