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14-Mar-2019 20:14

In its 24-page report published on a portal for members of the Law Society of Singapore (Law Soc) this week, the task force concluded that “law firms and senior members of the bar should not merely view young lawyers as economic vectors but as professionals to be nurtured and developed in the best traditions of the Bar”.

Addressing the grouses of rookie lawyers and enhancing their professional training can also have an “incidental positive effect” on the attrition woes that have riddled this group for years, it added.

That day, B2C2 placed orders on Quoine’s platform to sell 309.2518 ethereums – another type of cryptocurrency – for bitcoin at an “abnormally high” price of 10 bitcoins for one ethereum.

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Quoine maintains that it was entitled to carry out the reversal because the trades were “mostly trades with huge mark-up over fair global market price” — one ethereum could only be exchanged for about 0.03929075 bitcoin on average on April 19.

” B2C2 had brought a civil lawsuit against Quoine in May for wrongfully reversing trades, involving proceeds which are currently valued at about US million (S million), following the rapid rise in the value of bitcoin over the past months.

The proceeds were valued at about US.78 million on April 19, when the transactions were made.

Releasing his grounds of decision dated Wednesday (Dec 27), Mr Thorley said: “The doctrine of unilateral mistake is well developed in circumstances where the error is a human error and the knowledge or lack of it is directly ascertainable from the humans involved.

Where computers are concerned, the law is less well developed.” He added: “When can the workings of a computer or computer programme constitute actual knowledge on the part of the programmer or operator of the computer?Over the last two years, the issue of young lawyers working under increasing strain was flagged as a concern by Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon during his addresses at Mass Call ceremonies — to formally admit lawyers to the Bar.