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19-Jun-2019 02:26

I have been supporting individuals, families and couples to achieve maximum health and to achieve their goals realted to sobriety, substance dependence, family, romance and overall life fulfillment for over 18 years and am confident that I will be able to assist you as well.""Relationship problems?Do you feel caught in the never-ending trap of blame, disappointment and hurt?Learn how to make changes necessary for healthy sexual healing as you come to understand the addictive cycle, denial, unmanageability, and relapse prevention.""Our Center welcomes people interested in counseling or psychotherapy.We are a group of highly trained, experienced and dedicated psychotherapists with a wide range of expertise.Additionally, I have a background with chronic mental illness, psychopharmacology and autism.""Gabrielle Carey, Ph.

Maybe you have reached a point where you are exhausted, struggling to keep up with your routine and emotions are out of control. Do you find yourself comparing how others appear on the outside to how you feel on the inside? We all experience things such as anxiety, fear, anger, sadness and problems with relationships.

Do you feel caught in the never-ending trap of blame, disappointment and hurt? Does it feel as though you have people fooled into thinking you're more together or successful than you really are? You and I can work together in an informal relaxed atmosphere towards achieving contentment.""I have served for 27 years as a pastor and have significant experience counseling individuals on a wide range of issues.