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04-Apr-2019 03:01

We can assess after how many times you need to go to counseling thereafter.

If after 6 weeks, I feel the same way I do now and that I do not see ANY hope that you and I can go on in a marriage that is built on trust, respect and dignity, I will move out and initiate a divorce. You will sleep in a separate room until I feel that it is right to sleep in a room together – this can be months.

He spoils me in every way and I love him very much. Then earlier this week I was on the computer again and his work email was up. 99.9% was work, but there was 3 email exchanges that he had had with a brief girlfriend back in the states that I opened – he had just written them day before. She had originally contacted him, asking him how he was.

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I have been with my husband for 5 1/2 years and we met while I was in university. Together, from the outside, we must look like the perfect couple. 3 years ago, while we still lived in the US, I found out something extremely shocking.I confronted him right away on the phone and he was hysterical and apologized and begged me to stay.

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