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07-Aug-2019 04:34

So if someone snaps a picture of your kid while skateboarding at a public park don't get mad it will do no good.

Be kind and simply as the person that you would like the photo of yourself deleted. Now i can’t say this across the board but given that most adults are kind people and people like to be liked. If you threaten them they are more likely to not only not delete it but post it to a social media site and might caption it Jerk or something unkind.

So know the law don't tell folks you’re going to call the cops that is not a threat that they will take seriously. There are a few very specific and personal reasons I don't want photos of my kids on social media/internet without my permission and on anyone else's profile besides mine- I set my privacy, I don't geotag my photos,or check in-- and I'm responsible for verifying these protections, I can't trust other people to be as diligent with their own practices (simply for my kids' sake)...

If you’re at the beach and you decide to wash off the sand by taking off something i suggest that you go neck deep so that no one can take a picture of you or lying down in neck deep water might work sitting anything that will not expose you to getting a photo taken. So, my has to be no posting photos of my kids; ask first.

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Facebook have a specific process to have a picture of your child removed (I am not sure about other social media sites).Photos on the gf's FB, and her 4 kids' FB feeds too!! But knowing my husband, I could wage a bet he never passed along my request and reasons. If that don't work, hey I'm still a mom... just ask them to take it down if its really bothering you.

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