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16-Jul-2019 03:15

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Chong points out that Badoo is the definitive leader in Europe by some stretch and has a lot more potential to grow, including in Asia-Pacific.

(MORE: Four Location-Enabled Apps to Try This Summer) Founder Alexandra Chong launched the app in February, but what she describes as “Yelp for boys” has roused some of the male population, who are irked that they can’t log on directly to see what women are saying about them.I figure if I go public with this now hopefully I can have my profile removed. Seems like a nice enough system, nice interface, good idea. I give it 2 stars for potential based on ideal to rate profile photos and such. Looks like it should be a good app but unfortunately no one is on and not catching on as it should be.No feedback given on my rating either- just blinks stating data being collected. Am more curious than anything now to see where it goes from here.However, that missing dating functionality was actually something Lulu users had requested, she says.

What is also clear is that the acquisition sees a much bigger company swallowing up a smaller one.

In a later undisclosed Series A round, Venrock also came on board as an investor after Lulu relocated to New York and began exclusively targeting the U. With that said, whether or not this is anything close to a home run for investors is impossible to know, but it’s notable that Chong is not only staying on but is getting such as prominent position within Badoo.