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05-Apr-2019 22:31

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(more…) Popularity: 12% My name is Frank and I’m a decent looking Irishman in my mid 40′s.Every now and then my work takes me to London for a few days and I like to let my hair down if I can.

I start rubbing her nipple, which is becoming harder by the second. Now she’s sucking my earlobes, which is making my cock rock hard.

I decided to have a drink in the bar while I planned my evening ahead.

There were maybe a dozen people in the bar and the first thing I noticed was a group of four very obvious cross-dressers standing at the bar.

I looked at her: it was young fresh meat like blonde babe who looked very horny a bit sluttish. Rosaline, her name, was wearing black leather skirt and net stockings.

She was sitting cross legged, and her skirt rose revealing her adorable hips.

A flashing, stunning, hot babe, but oops, she’s got a dick!

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But, when we got on the dance floor, he was nothing but smooth and attentive to me.… continue reading »

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