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When creating a DNS zone in Azure DNS: Note You do not have to own a domain name to create a DNS zone with that domain name in Azure DNS.

However, you do need to own the domain to configure the Azure DNS name servers as the correct name servers for the domain name with the domain name registrar.

A domain name registrar is an organization that allows you to purchase a domain name, such as ''.

Purchasing a domain name gives you the right to control the DNS hierarchy under that name, for example allowing you to direct the name ' to your company web site.

The registrar may host the domain in its own name servers on your behalf, or allow you to specify alternative name servers.

Azure DNS provides a globally distributed, high-availability name server infrastructure, which you can use to host your domain.

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Azure DNS supports wildcard record sets for all record types except NS and SOA.

For example, suppose the ' web site is hosted on two different IP addresses.

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