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12-May-2019 22:59

We got my dd dry from 2yrs 3months and it wasn't for another 3months till she had her first poo in the potty, it was always in her knickers.

Yes it is so frustrating but please don't get annoyed, i used to say to dd 'oh whoops poo poo in knickers shall we try the potty next time' and i also told her that if she did a poo in the potty she would get a sticker, as i said it took 3 months for her to do it and before that she would run round like a fruit loop jumping up and down i knew what she was needing to do but if i went near her she'd run away or go mad at me, your lo will get there and sounds like he's pretty close to understanding when he needs a poo so please don't despair.

I also encouraged sitting on the toilet after meals by reading stories while he was on the loo.

I think I also might of let him play with his leapster game whilesitting on the loo.

Very rarely has a 'wee' accident so I am loathe to put him back in nappies but I don't see what else I can do.

He gets very distressed before it happens and won't come near us just runs around agitatedly.

My ds was the same and we haven't had a poo accidents in months now.

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You will be amazed at how proud you feel over poo lol when it finally happens. He's been dry now for a couple of months, but still does poo in his pants.i was always reading on here about how others cracked it!

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