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26-Mar-2019 23:24

Perhaps you see witches as happy, kind, pretty, and powerful.

Maybe you think of witches as neither inherently good nor bad and that magical power “is neutral and practical, an extension of the user’s choices and intentions” (Fowkes, 2010, p. A theme that runs throughout the Harry Potter series.

Fourth the audience must perceive “that they are capable of performing the recommended behavior” (Delwiche, 2011).

The fourth element allows viewers to contemplate what they have seen and determine if it has the potential to be “real,” or is simply “make-believe.” If viewers perceive the situation as potentially real they may align their views and future actions to reflect what they have seen.

This effectiveness is often portrayed in Hollywood as the “happy ending.” Social order is restored if characters rid themselves of the witch.

In the 1987 comedy-fantasy-horror film The Witches of Eastwick the association between witches and the Devil is reinforced.

In The Witches of Eastwick the three witches sleep with the Devil and each bear him a child (The Witches of Eastwick, 1987).

According to Russell (2005) we blame the witch for our problems and in doing so “we create the illusion of being able to solve [those problems]” (p. Represented and socially positioned, according to Creed (1993), the witch is the “enemy of the symbolic order” (p. (family, police, church, military, science)” (Grant, 1995, p. Witches are most often depicted as female because historically women, more so than men, were considered likely to be witches by the Church (Stein, R. Delwiche (2011) writes on his website Propaganda Critic that there are four elements that are needed for a successful fear appeal.

First a threat is needed, illustrated in horror films by the evil witch and her malicious intent.

Davis & Baran (2013) write “media effects rarely happen as a result of exposure to a few messages in a short amount of time.

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