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29-Jun-2019 14:51

Babiarz included the time both men spent behind bars when they didn't post bail, 48 and 112 days, respectively, in the sentences he issued, which freed them at sentencing to serve probation.

In an interview, Babiarz said judges and lawyers on both sides often rely heavily on presentence reports to get more information about the defendant, victim and their circumstances.

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A Queensland police officer has been charged with hacking offences for allegedly using the state's crimes database to look at records without proper authorisation.

The News Journal identified the cases out of more than 1,000 sex offender convictions, comparing with Richards' conviction only cases of first-time convicts in New Castle County who pleaded guilty to a single fourth-degree rape charge involving a minor since 2008.

Writers and bloggers have had field day dissecting the chain of events following Li Hongyi's long letter of complaint against a fellow officer in the Singapore Armed Forces for being absent without leave or AWOL on two occasions.He said while "the mistake of age is not an excuse" for an adult to have sex with a minor, it does happen and should be taken into account when deciding whether the defendant should go to prison."Somebody who is 19, 20, 21, you think should know better, but I have seen a lot of people who don't know better about anything," he said.When sentencing, Babiarz said he would study reports for other signs of sexual deviance to determine whether the defendant is a predator or somebody who made a mistake."If it all turns out positive toward the defendant, then you are going to sentence them to probation and treatment and maybe whatever else is appropriate," he said.The other officer was also court martialed and reprimanded. Many praised him for blowing the whistle, but some lambasted him for his brash act.

Another son of Hsien Loong and second wife Ho Ching of Temasek Holdings also came into the limelight during the last elections in 2006.The judge rejected a prosecutor's request to sentence Doyle Hinton to one year in prison, saying he believed the girl sought money for sex and "attempted to prostitute herself," and may have instigated the sexual relationship.