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Also read: 21 Summer Movies We’re Dying to See – From ‘Transformers 4’ to ‘Godzilla’ Mac Lachlan: I wanted to portray an American man in his late 30’s who is not someone who deals with his emotions, which I think a lot of American men don’t do; they go through school and meet a woman and if they like them get married, they don’t think deeply, and then something happens and their life has to change.

Schneider: Angus, do you think that’s a regional thing?

Goliath for the sweet indie “Goodbye to All That,” it represent a major jump in the careers of its director and leading man, Angus Mac Lachlan and Paul Schneider.

Both men are using the film to stake claim to new roles in the film industry, thanks to persistence and a deep connection with the material.

So what was it specifically about this character that gave you that confidence, that interest?

Schneider: Otto’s character; Angus and I talked about his character being befuddled.

Anyone will say the same thing, it takes a lot out of you to make a movie, and this one was definitely tough.

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You can’t always be sure of the outcome, I’ve been part of films where I thought everyone was a cool person and you try to make a good movie and sometimes it doesn’t turn out that way.It made sense along the way and it’s much easier and more fun working on a film for which that work has already been done by the writer. I’ve worked on a lot of foreign films and in the translation, there’s a bunch of syntax errors and subject-verb agreement errors, and often-times the translator will be very scared to put any…you end up learning lines that kind of don’t make grammatical sense.Mac Lachlan: There’s this whole generation of people who have starter marriages, get married relatively young for 4-5 years and get divorced and are out on the dating scene in their 30s.

Schneider: I think it’s less-so regional these days.

See exclusive photos: Melanie Lynskey, Anna Camp, Heather Graham and the Ladies of ‘Goodbye to All That’ Mac Lachlan, a playwright and the writer of the 2005 indie darling “Junebug,” wrote this little tale of a newly divorced father and promptly handed it to “Junebug” director Phil Morrison.

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