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16-Mar-2019 21:58

The ability to withdraw even when temptation is there and the prize seems accessible. You’re the toy that she can’t have and she’s the cat who wants it.By slowly showing her a little more about yourself, she will think she’s closer and closer, and then you can strike and move in when you like. You are the one who is too high maintenance- not her. 😉 Dubbed the most hated guy in the PUA/Seduction community, the Mexican PUA promoter/organizer/instructor out of California, also founder and leader of The Casanova PUA Crew: J The Rippa. And since I’m no stranger to controversy in the community, we have that much in common at least :).To this day and for the rest of my life, it will never evade me where the pursuit of women is concerned.] Women more times than not have the majority of men in the palms of their hands, because the man finds it harder to get his leg over than a woman does (in my opinion anyway).So when he thinks he has a chance: he jumps in head first as if she’s gold.However, our dating philosophy is very different from the conventional crap you’d find in Maxim!! Too many guys enter the PUA community with 1 goal in mind: Fornicating aka Fucking (which is cool BTW).Laying hot girls gets played out and jaded after a while.

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Some notable PUA Community coaches: Mystery, J-Dog, Bravo PUA, John Alexander, David Wygant, The Asian Playboy, Nick Savoy, Josh Pellicer, Speer, Nick Quick, Gambler, AFC Adam, Mehow, Eric Disco, Sasha Daygame…This episode is from September 2012 (just the other day), where JTR and Khan (of Simple Pickup Crew) talk about JTR’s ultimate Pick-Up Convention which was outstandingly interesting!!

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