Online dating for people with stds how dating works

13-May-2019 01:37

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Just like many doctors don't routinely screen for all STDs, most online sites only offer testing for a small number of infections. They are also the diseases that most people will want to be tested for.However, if you need to be tested for something more esoteric, you may be out of luck.They also vary in accuracy depending on the type of test used and when you may have been exposed.Finally, there is a concern about how you will be linked to treatment if you need it after your online test.The fact that they have herpes says nothing about them other than that they were exposed to a virus.

Still, the biggest potential problem with online STD testing is what you will do with your results once you get them.

It's important that you have an informed professional whom you can reach out to for counseling about the meaning of your results.

If you test positive for an STD, you will need to understand exactly: It's not quite as simple as a "positive result means you have an STD" and a "negative result means you're free-and-clear." Tests aren't perfect.

There's less certainty about the quality of the test.

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You can't even be certain that the kit you've ordered will arrive in the mail.

There's also the possibility of degradation in the mail.

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