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Why nobody can come up with a bendy arm system for this that looks like the anime is beyond me.

The arm connects to the body at the detented shoulder joint, which also has a hinge, and a rotating bicep.

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Miss Quarmby started to overshoot, realised her mistake and reversed very rapidly in her Sunbeam-Talbot Mk. Wood's Allard saloon was slow but very neat, obviously more intent on not incurring the penalty of exceeding 30 seconds for the test than setting up a record time. Holt suffering initial wheel-spin, Shaw puffing his pipe; he smacked in reverse and made a tremendous run. Walker, in funny hat, stopped his Austin A90 Atlantic too soon but was good thereafter, Sharp and passenger, in spite of bobble hats, did it all wrong in a Healey, Lloyd-Davies was good in spite of bad spin in a Sunbeam Alpine, and Hall took his Allard saloon through very nicely, reversing close in to the pylon. G., Nancy Mitchell ( bobble hat suits her) managed to avoid the usual Zephyr body judder, and killed wheel-spin quickly in restarting, on a very nice run. Steer's Triumph Renown rolled backwards, Miss Ozanne (Sunbeam-Talbot) seems to need driving lessons, Baker (Rover) didn't understand the test, Johnson (Sunbeam-Talbot) was painfully slow, butl Adams in a sister car was fast, Bartlett (Zephyr) reversed cautiously, Salz (Zephyr) came in wrong side of the pylon.

So this iteration of Boss Borot is brought to you by Evolution Toy, purveyors of fine magnemo toys.

I'd like to tell you this is different, but it's not. The box is your typical thin Evolution toy packaging. One of the big challenges of making a Boss Borot toy is how to handle the arms.

Saunders in a CD Hillman Minx hadn't memorised the route, Miss Burt (Jowett Javelin), with Miss Pike-Rogers of the Bugatti O. as passenger, almost smote the wall but drove well, Kingwell (Austin A40) crashed his gears, Tracey (Morris-Oxford) was steady, White (Vanguard) was slow, Parham handled his Bristol with consummate neatness, as well as being very rapid, Day went the wrong way and then stalled his Sunbeam-Talbot uphill. II) was steady and neat, and Slocombe (Bristol) had a damaged off-side front wing, someone suggested because he couldn't resist looking at his blonde girl passenger, and he was slow.

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Judd (Ford Zephyr) was fast if not tidy, Bowdale churned his Riley's gears, Potter stalled the engine of his Sunbeam-Talbot and it didn't want to restart, Sawdon (Ford Zephyr) didn't know the correct route, Alston's A. Next, a short look at the downhill braking test, where many cars lost marks for either rolling forward before the lighthearted officials had measured the stopping distance, or because, stopping exactly on the line, they were told to continue over it. A good point was that the cars were divided into Production, Modified Production, and Specials Classes, with additional capacity and open and closed divisions, 18 in all. In the teeming rain and gale it was impossible to take notes and the Editorial memory is ageing too rapidly to memorise safely the individual performances of 450 drivers, apart from which, while they were mostly snugly ensconced, we, like the marshals, were drenched nearly to the skin. Gibson (Hillman Minx) was apt to be too hurried, crashing the cogs, and Rayner's Austin A40 Sports, hood up, did a steady run.