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01-Jun-2019 01:23

Its name awakens association with a closed circle of the chosen and this circle has its rules and traditions.

As a truly masculine perfume, Polo does not contain floral notes, apart from camomile, which has more grassy than floral scent.

Over the past several weeks, I've tried "Polo" on days in the low 80's, and like it very much in that range.

Polo is here for fans of beautiful, eternal things.however, i like to wear it myself, and i think it's a very good choice of cologne for women. Guys, don't get caught up in the "Old man smell" foolishness...This fragrance gets me more compliments than anything I've ever owned.(Niche included).The pine/herbal opening is incredibly fresh with a greenness that has real character and depth.

After about 30 minutes or so, and slightly before the dry-down, vetiver starts to make its presence known, blended with leather and patchouli.Conclusion: Polo works very well for me in all but the hottest of days, works best from late fall to early spring.