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06-Jul-2019 17:48

Most people ultimately want one lifelong partner with whom they can feel, as much and as deeply as possible, the positive uniqueness and singularity that is called specialness.Physical intimacy, with all the feelings it engenders, is central to a successful marriage, and Judaism wants it to be special.At this point, you can kiss much of your perspective on your partner and the relationship goodbye.Valuable time and emotions can be wasted on the wrong person, because you never developed an objective view of who your partner really is.I’ve been married for two years and I really love my wife, but even in our most intimate moments, I can’t help thinking of my previous girlfriend.” Memories of previous relationships have an uncanny way of surfacing when you least want them to, even years after they occur. When you succeed in a relationship, your positive feelings about life are strengthened.But every time you get hit over the head emotionally, feelings of negativity and futility develop.On your way out, you comment to the manager about how little waiters earn for working so hard. Notice, incidentally, that in neither case was the touch sensual or even affectionate.

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Its main advantage, though, is not what it avoids but what it offers.Many marriages fail quickly because the match was wrong to begin with, but the couple had become too enraptured with each other to notice it.

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