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The 4 m in total probably span no more than half a century.The fossils present a dramatic contrast to the ground-hugging plants of earlier times.It first appeared in the Late Silurian and survived into the Early Devonian.Its leaves were separate from the sporangia and not fully veined.

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Extraordinarily complex organs and tissue systems appeared as if from nowhere – a ‘novelty radiation’ rather than a slow accumulation of infinitesimally small changes: stems with an intricate fluid transport mechanism, structural tissues, pores for controlled gas exchange (stomata, although mosses also have them), leaves and roots of various kinds, diverse spore-bearing organs (sporangia), seeds.Although some were carnivores, animals were not competing with each other in overcrowded environments where only the fittest survived, but living in balance with each other, interdependently. The oldest known fossil forest is that of the Gilboa Formation, New York State, dating to the late Middle Devonian.

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