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05-Jul-2019 02:21

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simgirls dating simulator 3 0 Amt Yuqt Bd — Amy Earnhardt (@Amy Earnhardt) January 1, 2017 The morning after the fun-filled night of lavish celebration (and lots of New Year’s Eve dancing and glitter! Earnhardt proposed to Reimann while on vacation in Germany, the pair confirmed in 2015.

I love you so much @Dale Jr,” Reimann posted on Twitter, alongside a glowing photo of the couple in what appears to be a church, at the time.

The ceremony took place at Childress Vineyards in Lexington, North Carolina — a venue owned by fellow racer Richard Childress.

Last time she had to “pretend” to be his friend..... Last time they were there she was a ho this time she's a housewife. None of you die hard fans can see through the lies and all the smoke and mirrors even when you’re smacked right in the face with the inconsistencies and bold faced lies. The fact that you use the term “Bizarro World” gives great insight into your state of mind, vet.

My heart is truly filled with love and joy,” Reimann said on social media.

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