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05-Aug-2019 22:04

In 1921, the two met in Stamford, Connecticut at a clinic where Kip was working through his issues of anxiety and stuttering.

The couple had a three-year love affair before marrying in 1924.

The two met in 1911 on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in Egypt.

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After an extensive legal battle, the Supreme Court ruled that laws prohibiting interracial marriage were unconstitutional in June of 1967.

Louis Gregory became a strong advocate for racial unity in both the United States as well as within the Bahá’í community; his most significant expression of the teachings of his faith come from his marriage.

Likewise, a student who knows that the teacher rarely or never communicates with their parents and/or their parents do not trust the teacher will often pit the two against each other.… continue reading »

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