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08-Apr-2019 02:53

Leon Draisaitl Given how successful Draisaitl and Connor Mc David were at terrorizing the opposition whenever they shared the ice last season, it’s understandable that the decision of whether or not to keep them together is a difficult one for coach Todd Mc Lellan.

They essentially made their intentions clear the moment they inked Draisaitl to an eight-year, -million deal this summer.

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They’re difference makers who will play a deciding role in the fates of their team and the league.At the same time, it also feels like we’ve collectively been sleeping on the fact that a) the Lightning had to play out the final 65 games of last season without Stamkos and b) he’s now fully healthy and ready to go from the jump this year.It’s understandable that people are skeptical of Stamkos this season, given how much time he’s missed.Will we get the fully-loaded peak version of Stamkos, or will he slink back to being the declining goal scorer he was post-broken leg?

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If he’s the former, it will provide a compelling wrinkle to the argument that the Lightning will bounce all the way back to being the top challenger to the Pittsburgh Penguins and their hold on the Eastern Conference and Stanley Cup.

It’s just slightly unnerving that the Oilers made the type of financial commitment to him they did, without fully vetting whether he was truly capable of being what they paid for.