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29-May-2019 18:16

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I have seen some student guitars with a wood tailpiece from the 40's when metal was a scarce commodity.

Many Harmonys I've seen incorporate an Hxxx in the serial number. Some seem to have an F-66, FW-59 or similar number stamped inside the guitar, along with "Made in the USA." This number appears to indicate the year of manufacture, but doesn't appear all the time.

Pink Anderson played a Stella when he traveled around with a medicine show playing for a couple of dollars and food here and there.

Later on in his career when he was much older he can be seen with a top end Martin D28.

Most have a floating wood bridge with the pressed metal tailpiece.

Some of the older ones have a piece of metal fret like material for a saddle.

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Most of the model numbers in the later 60's have this Hxxx.These were noted as being "Best for the beginners or 'loaner' Guitar." They had a short 3/4 scale with less space between the frets that made finger placement and chord formation easier for little fingers.Quite a few of the pre-war blues guys used Stellas, basically because they were cheap and well-built to stand the rigors of taking to the road after each gig.

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They were cheap as chips and could be bought at a distance thanks to the Sears catalog - well before 'race records' brought some money their way, the original blues men didn't have money to throw around on expensive guitars.

Some of the other budget small guitars have a screwed down rectangular bridge, with many of the older ones being made with solid wood.

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