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Provincial regulation of oil and natural gas activities, pipelines, and distribution systems is administered by provincial utility boards.The producing provinces impose royalties and taxes on oil and natural gas production; provide drilling incentives; and grant permits and licenses to construct and operate facilities.The problem is particularly acute since, while the energy consuming provinces have the bulk of the population and are able to elect federal governments which introduce policies favouring energy consumers, the energy producing provinces have the ability to defeat such policies by exercising their constitutional authority over natural resources.Section 92A of the Constitution Act, 1867 assigned to the provincial governments the exclusive authority to make laws in relation to non-renewable resources and electrical energy, while Section 125 prevented the federal government from taxing any provincial government lands or property.Operational Benefits: Reduces workload of employees and increases their satisfaction level due to improvement in internal communication flow3.

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Federal jurisdiction in energy is primarily concerned with regulation of inter-provincial and international trade and commerce, and the management of non-renewable resources on federal lands.

The consuming provinces regulate distribution systems and oversee the retail price of natural gas to consumers.

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