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Does it overwhelm him to the point that he shuts you out?Or is he able to take care of what’s going on and communicate what he needs?I’m sure you’ve heard that in order to find love, you should throw out your “checklist” – you know, that laundry list of items in the back of your mind that describe your ideal man.Maybe you’ve also heard the opposite: That you SHOULD have a detailed breakdown of what’s important to you so that you can attract such a man into your life…and keep out the guys who’ll eventually let you down.HIS AVAILABILITY As you may have sadly found out, “single” does not always mean “available.” He could be holding ties to an ex-partner, be so consumed with work that he has no room in his life for someone else, or he’s not really looking for a serious relationship. YOUR GUT FEELING I’m willing to bet you have a gut feeling that tells you intuitively where a guy’s at with all of the above, but the “connection” you feel might make you think, “Well, yeah, but that’s okay.

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If you’re at a restaurant, for example, and they’re taking a bit longer to get you your table, does he take it in stride, or does he start to lose his temper?

Most women want to improve their chances of finding a Great Man. Most women end up marrying a man that is not right for them. However, God wants to bless you with the man you really desire and so much more!

They will keep a man based on the fear of being alone.

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So you’ve read his profile, and he seems like a great catch…but how can you be sure?HIS LIFE STAGE An easy way to find out about this is to ask a man questions about his career. Does he talk with excitement about his job, or does he seem worn down and unmotivated?