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Our proactive and patient centered disease-specific care plans are designed to build awareness, drive active engagement and promote the overall health and well-being of all those who seek our service.Via early detection, intervention, and accountability, our expert -led programs address and reverse the risk factors associated with: My Doctor Pharmacy pickup and self-collection points not only solve first world problems but also solve real world problems, meaning anyone from a Millennial that just doesn’t want to pick up his or her meds to a senior who can’t get to those much needed meds, we facilitate and provide; Designed to suit your company's brand and culture, our solutions can drive and automate your company's customized wellness strategy thus giving you a higher ROI for the healthcare expenditure of your workforce.

The call a doctor service has been very convenient, before My Doctor I had difficulties identifying the right specialist or understanding few health concerns.Our reactive Disease Management Program is focused on addressing the comprehensive spectrum of chronic illnesses prevalent in Sri Lanka.We go to great lengths to educate patients on the importance of heath ownership and positive lifestyle may return it in its original condition within 365 days for a refund.

Synonyms: cool, calm, composed, collected, imperturbable, nonchalant These adjectives indicate absence of excitement or discomposure in a person, especially in times of stress. Calm suggests a serenity achieved through mastery over agitation or inner turmoil: "It was like coming across a bear in the woods: you were supposed to stand still and remain calm, against every impulse" (Cheryl Strayed).The witness remained collected throughout the questioning.

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