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28-May-2019 19:24

Then he felt shocked and very turned on the he looked this hot. ""Cuz she is outside waiting for you, I'll just let her in." "No wait!

"Kylie came in and gasped at how cute and pretty he looked.

As he walked to her beach house he saw her on her patio with her friend Maddy. " "Cid this is my friend Maddy, she's from Russia." Cid said hi, and then Kylie felt his tushie and giggled.

They ran to hug each other, "I'm so glad to see you honey! "Your bottom is poofy.""Uhh" stammered Cid."Oh, what do we have here?

Once he dipped into the bath he was surrounded in beautiful aroumas that made him feel more wonderful then he has ever felt before.

After he finished washing he noticed he was now hairless from neck down. Belicia then had a tight satin floral dress with frilly trimming to wear that was very short and also showed Cid's new satin panties. Then it was time for make up and fitting a wig with long red hair with shiny long red curls.

Cid said "Hi Bitsy, Belicia has got you trapped here too huh? " He thought for a little puppy he had an amazing pull. Before Cid could get up Bitsy happily pranced over to the drawers full of panties and ran around the room with panties in his mouth. If Belicia finds one of those missing it's panties for me! *giggle*" Now you'll wear panties from now on for this whole summer.

", as he was unpacking his underwear he heard a *Chomp! " Suddenly he heard Belicia say, "Cid what is that sound? I don't want to see you without them or you will be wearing more girls clothing!

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I wish I could dress you up in adorable outfits like this everyday, like my own little dolly!

He could stay there for the summer to get to see his girlfriend.

Belicia has a very feminine style throughout the house and had a lot of guests over who were mostly girls around his age. " Cid said as he noticed she was a little wet from swimming in the ocean just outside her house she said, "Hi sweetie! "Nope, I have a lot of girls who visit here and I don't want you to change anything in this room. "Belicia saw Bitsy prancing out of the room but he didn't have any panties in his mouth. "Cid I don't see them in here at all." she said after looking for a while.

You can support Sissy Kiss by letting them know you found Romantasy through Sissy Kiss.~ Christie Luv Cid, who was 19 with red hair, skinny and about 6 feet, found out his girlfriend Kylie was going away for the summer, but he had an idea.

His Step Aunt Belicia just so happened to have a cottage-like beach house right next to where she's staying.* and Bitsy was pulling on the underwear in his hand. " After running around in circles Bitsy dove into the room across the hall before Belicia could see and before Cid could catch him. You can go do what you want now, just be back before 10pm." Cid blushed wondering what Kylie would think.

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