Elucidating mechanism cellular uptake

26-May-2019 10:51

When gene transfer is used in disease treatments, it is aimed at curbing genetic diseases by introducing genes coding for functional proteins to cells so as to normalize the cells and even organs. Dai ZJ, Gjetting T, Mattebjerg MA, Wu C, Andresen TL. Nimesh S, Goyal A, Pawar V, Jayaraman S, Kumar P, Chandra R, Singh Y, Gupta KC. Nimesh S, Aggarwal A, Kumar P, Singh Y, Gupta KC, Chandra R.

Gene transfer is not only used to treat genetic diseases, but also to produce large quantities of secreted proteins for direct therapeutic application or vaccines production. Elucidating the interplay between DNA-condensing and free polycations in gene transfection through a mechanistic study of linear and branched PEI. Polyethylenimine nanoparticles as efficient transfecting agents for mammalian cells. Influence of acyl chain length on transfection mediated by acylated PEI nanoparticles.

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Physical methods for gene transfer (Figure 1) include biolistics, jet injection, ultrasound and so forth [25-29]. DNA nanogels composed of chitosan and pluronic with thermo-sensitive and photo-crosslinking properties. Unfortunately, well-known adverse effects were observed while using this system, such as immunogenicity, difficulties in handling and large-scale production, and limited length of the genes. Liu CC, Zhu Q, Wu WH, Xu XL, Wang XY, Gao S, Liu KH.

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