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The Hogwarts saga is set in a world full of magic, a world not so much different from one in which, to borrow from N. Wilson, “Apple trees turn flowers into apples using sunlight and air.” J. Rowling’s world is full of magic, just like the one we inhabit.

(By the way, the magic in the Potter stories is just like the magic in Narnia and Middle Earth.

Whatever the case, there’s a chasm between what she writes in her novels and what she tweets.

Perhaps the limitations of the genre don’t allow her to communicate the nuance, sensitivity, and charity that characterize her fiction.

For progressives, the media—newspapers, journalists, talking heads—are looked to as a source of truth.

People look to the news to find out what is happening and for help in processing how to respond. Rowling in her fiction, the media are a pack of self-serving wolves preying on the populace.

Charles Taylor also spoke of the “cross pressure” people feel when the divine and the transcendent foist themselves on those trying to live in a world without anything like God. If there is anything that characterizes the left, it’s the idea that government can and should address the world’s problems.

With the right people in power, the correct values imposed on the populace, and the best political system enacted, just outcomes can be insured for all people.

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Well, the Dursleys refuse to believe in magic, even after they have the pig’s tail removed from Ickle Diddykins, and Lord Voldemort lives only for himself, to extend his life however many people he must kill, however he must rip his own soul to shreds. The Potterverse is not the kind of place where everything that exists can be explained by scientific analysis, naturalistic evolution, and materialistic determinism.

Well, at least all the people the government deems worthy of justice.

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