Dating someone from church

23-Aug-2019 03:33

Is he or she prepared to have children from the marriage brought up as Orthodox Christians?If the answer to all these questions is “yes,” then the Church’s pastoral economy would allow such a marriage. I am fearful the Christian community has irresponsibly coerced men and women into marriage through cultural pressure. If you aren’t ready for marriage, or if you do not want to get married, you are not sinning.In the UK, it is simply a matter of demographics that there are going to be problems if Orthodox believers limit their social interactions when thinking about suitable Orthodox marriage partners.It is estimated that there are perhaps 300,000 Orthodox believers in the UK.It means dating someone who meets the values and goals you have for a future spouse (more on that later).

True love cannot afford to be sentimental about such things. I usually have two pieces of advice for those who are seeking an Orthodox Christian spouse.

The truth is you could spend your life with more than one person. Get to know yourself.” And as soon as the person you are dating smacks his or her gum the wrong way, you are out. I heard don’t have sex before marriage so much I actually believed getting to marriage a virgin was the only important thing. In the process, I filled my heart and mind with lust, and I secretly struggled with pornography. Christians, instead, need to teach the importance of a pure mind. Make sure God is the center of your life before you start dating. Don’t start dating without an assurance of God’s love for you and a solid understanding of the gospel.

Dating with a trajectory towards marriage means dating with a purpose.

As for my advice in guiding someone seeking to date a non-Orthodox person, heterodox Christian, or non-Christian, my advice is much the same and consists mainly in addressing these questions: Can you live with spiritual disunity in your family?

Is your non-believing partner supportive of you practicing your faith?Without a Christian spouse, one of two things will happen: you will drift away from God or your spouse will become a functional god (more on this later). There is another dangerous mentality in Christian circles I want to address…”flirting to convert.” Look…Christians are called to be missionaries.