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09-May-2019 09:59

In the Photo Shooting Menu, Flash Control is going to throw some people for a loop at first, as Nikon has redesigned this. Unfortunately, this causes a slight dissonance in the menus: if you select Manual for Flash Control Mode, then select Optical AWL, you'll see a grayed out Manual with your output amount and in Group Flash Options you'll see that TTL has been set.This used to be the CSM #E3 item, and that item had four options for Flash Control Mode. If you were expecting Group Flash Options to pick up your Flash Control Mode for the main flash, you'd have been wrong. This is really the Standard Picture Control, but the camera may adjust "hues and tones" as it sees fit.Wouldn't it be better with the rotation options as a single item, Image Rotation, with separate sub-items for the file marker and the on-camera rotation?And wouldn't all the markings (Protect, Hide, Rating) be better as a single item, Mark Image, with separate abilities to change those markings within it? You just have to turn Wireless Flash Options (another item further down the menu) to Optical AWL.I guess the question here is this: is the D7500 a consumer camera (lots of hand holding) or a prosumer/enthusiast camera (lots of capability). The D7200 didn't have this auto Shooting Information display bit, while the D3xxx and D5xxx models tended to.It seems clear that Nikon was intending the D7500 to be more of an upgrade option for D3xxx and D5xxx users than D7200 users (who would more naturally gravitate to a D500, I think).

Likewise, the recent cameras have the Rating and Select To Send to Smart Device on this menu, as well. Indeed, if anything, Nikon really needs to thing about organizing the cheese more, and this menu shows it.It's when you put an unchipped AI lens—such as my old 58mm f/1.2 NOCT—on the D7500 that you discover that Non-CPU Lens Data isn't available, and there's no AI indexing tab on the camera.Thus, you get F-- flashing in the aperture spot no matter how you set the lens in any of the automated exposure modes, and the shutter release is deactivated. The Aperture will still be reported as F--, but now you can shoot.Yes, this is a small thing, but it's an important one in determining just who Nikon was thinking about in terms of selling upgrades to.

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Throughout the D7500 there are little tell-tale signs like this that Nikon wanted to make D3xxx/D5xxx upgraders a bit more comfortable, but wasn't as concerned with D7200 upgraders.

With fast lenses, you often needed to throw in a bit of compensation to align an external meter to the actual result produced. In dimmer light, it's easy enough to see where the right exposure probably is.