Dating military doctor

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Born in Schenectady, New York, to a lower-class family, only child Otto Octavius was to be raised by his overbearing mother and his abusive father. Later, his father was killed in a construction accident during Otto's first year of college, his mother used her husband's early death to manipulate Otto into studying more.But his plan was fated to entwine with Spider-Man's: when May fell sick, Peter provided her with a blood transfusion - not realizing the radioactivity in his plasma would kill her.

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Now believed by the prison to be normal again and without power, they placed his tentacles in another part of the facility.

His father would roar at Otto to use violence when dealing with bullies whilst his mother, on the other hand, always put Otto off using violence. Now an adult, Otto Octavius managed to get a job at the U. At work, had fallen in love with a fellow researcher, Mary Anders, but when Otto pronounced his intentions to marry her, his mother was against it, saying nobody was good enough for her son, causing him to break off his engagement.

During his youth, Otto would often receive beatings at home, or school. Otto's hard work paid off when he graduated at the top of his class and became a researcher at the Atomic research a reclusive in school. To help manipulate radioactive substances from a safe distance, Otto constructed a chest harness controlling four mechanical, tentacle-like arms - earning him the nickname Doctor Octopus.

During the argument, Mary died of a heart attack, leaving Otto without a mother and with bitter feelings.

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Sometimes Otto's father would beat him during rages, earning Otto's hatred. When Otto discovered his mother dating behind his back, he blew up in rage at her.

Doc was taken to the Beyonder's Battleworld, where he fought a group of heroes and plotted against Doctor Doom for leadership of the group of villains.