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15-Jul-2019 02:55

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No worries though, all of the women who work here seem to be rather upbeat and happy, even if you’re a foreigner with no grasp of the local language.

Next you’ll be taken into one of the many cubicles behind the barber chair set up.

When you walk through the door you’ll be in a small lobby. The women who work here seem to range in age from 19 to about 24 or 25. There are at least two dozen women on staff at any given time. There is a bit of a surge in customers around the afternoon rush hour.

During the day the women here wear cute shirts and short puffy skirts. After you are partnered up, you’ll be taken to a row of barber chairs.

In Ho Chi Minh City customers can get their knobs polished at specialized “hair salons” for a few bucks. Ben Ny’s location isn’t exactly what I’d call discreet.

It’s on a main road, right out in the open, and has a big obvious sign.

It shouldn’t cost more than a few bucks from basically anywhere in the city. You can pick a woman you like if you go out of your way, but it’s not standard practice.

Otherwise you may be taken to a different place with the exact same address in a different district. After you pay, one of the numerous women standing in the hallway will take you to the next room.Your temporary date will usually keep the sticky stuff in her mouth until she finishes tidying up your tidbits. A lot of the girls who work here are very good-natured and humorous.

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