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Dating is not necessarily our problem; the issue is the purpose of why we are dating.

I figure the only way we can keep from losing it completely—pulling a “Samson” and shaving all our hair off—is by holding onto our purpose.

When she’s not doing that, she works as a Mental Health Worker, makes weird crafts, takes lots of photos and plans where she will be traveling next!We are both rational enough to understand we should not panic about being single; however, we realize there are certain variables nagging at us. Sexy time I’ve never had sexy time, but I’ve heard good things. Social pressure This point is my personal favourite, as it tends to accompany the best conversation topics in social environments. ” “Well, Random Guest at Friend’s Wedding, I’ve been so busy beating off all the eligible bachelors who keep throwing themselves at me that I e.” Conversations After a three-hour-long conversation with my friend in which we beat this topic into the ground, I hung up the phone more confused than when WE started.These variables include, but are not limited to: 1. Clarity from a godly source With all of this dating and relationship confusion, I figured I would go to the Bible for some clarity.It is concise in its explanations, and powerful in its points, all the while telling the story of purity, sin, and part of God’s story in a way that make you stretch your understanding of God and what he expects in the area of purity. I have practiced to preach like him -- even developed my handwriting to copy him.

I definitely recommend this to any teenager that is examining what it means to be pure.

About Ashley: My name is Ashley and I am the Children’s Ministry Coordinator at Relate Church in Surrey, B. My mission is to develop the God-given potential in every child who crosses my path *Insert Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All” here*.