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07-May-2019 14:57

If I said we “do nothing at home”, he was offended, thinking that I meant we don’t do fun things, when all I meant was the expression of simply just hanging out at home.

There’s been many arguments that have happened because of the language barrier. While I’m not very religious and neither is he, it is something that I have to tip-toe around.

Not too long ago I met a guy in a culinary festival. The thing is we met the last five days of his exchange program and in the little time we spent together, I felt like we connected really well.

and was part of a study for a semester program in PR.

All sorts of tips and tricks exist to help these couples maintain their spark when apart, but these are traditionally most beneficial when they already have a mature connection.

Short-term encounters and vacation romances, such as yours, are initially built on infatuation, lust and chemistry and haven’t had an opportunity to mature and evolve.

We can convince ourselves we “truly know him” and “can beat the odds,” but that’s the fantasy and desire for companionship talking, and it’s a huge mental trap to beware. When we finally meet “a good one” in dating, it can be hard to let go if the conditions aren’t right for it, despite the fact the guy might be.

And there certainly are relationships in your similar type of situation that have worked out.

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The bad news is most research indicates this positive prognosis applies, for the most part, to those couples already established in long-term relationships. That would be it, except for the fact that he has lived in the Middle-East up until 7 years ago when he came to Canada.

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