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They’re not tightly controlled Disney kids, nor are they out-of-control Lindsay Lohans, and they’re more likely than either of those types to make interesting, offbeat choices of roles.

Think of actresses such as Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass and the forthcoming Scorsese film Hugo Cabret), Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) and Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men’s Sally Draper).

It always is.” What about preparation – has that become more serious? I mean, I guess I just read the script a few times, and you know…” She laughs. I feel like all the characters that I’ve played have been my age, so I can relate to them.

They all sort of have a little piece of me in them too, so it’s not like a huge transformation.” She giggles again. “Once you do your first scene, then you sort of get the feel of how it’s going to be and you feel comfortable again.” Certain people make her feel more nervous than others.

“It’s going to be so sad when she leaves,” says Fanning.

“We share a bathroom right now, our rooms are right next to each other. I keep threatening her that I’m going to turn her room into a games room. Both my parents went to college too.” You may by now be wondering about these Fanning parents, and how they managed to breed this pair of acting prodigies.

“She is.” The main bone of contention between the sisters is to do with clothes: namely, Elle’s habit of borrowing Dakota’s things without asking.

“She hates when I borrow her stuff, that’s like, the worst! “She always has the sister instinct, that she knows when I wore something, even if I’ve put it back, perfectly neat.

“I told my friends, oh, I’m filming a movie in West Virginia, and that was it.“Then while we were filming, more and more came out and I could sort of say JJ Abrams’s name, and Super 8.” Was it torture for her not being able to tell her friends more?And then it did, and they really wanted to make sure that it was something that we wanted to do, which they realised it was when they saw us on sets and everything.” Fanning’s family, originally from Georgia, are Baptists, and they keep her on the straight and narrow. "I go to regular school and then I do movies as well.” In contrast to many child actors, she doesn’t rely on the ministrations of an on-set teacher, but goes to a private school in Los Angeles.