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Please expect 3-5 business days to receive your equipment.All equipment is plug-and-play and a step by step information sheet and terms of service accompanies every order.Devices also have varying speed capabilities and may connect to different networks depending on technology.Even within coverage areas and with broadband-capable devices, network changes, traffic volume, outages, technical limitations, signal strength, obstructions, weather, and other conditions may impact speeds and service availability.As our customer, your actual Service area, network availability, coverage and quality may vary based on a number of factors, including network capacity, terrain and weather.Outages and interruptions in Service may occur, and speed of Service varies.All consumers are subject to FAP policies set forth by the provider. "The hype is real," says Vital member Tristan_Mayor.

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To provide the best possible on-device experience for the most possible customers and minimize capacity issues and degradation in network performance, we may, without advance notice, take any actions necessary to manage our network on a content-agnostic basis, including prioritizing all on-device data over Smartphone Mobile Hot Spot (tethering) data and further prioritizing the data usage of a small percentage of data customers who use the highest amount of data (currently, more than 30GB) below that of other customers in times and locations where there are competing customer demands for network resources, for the remainder of the billing cycle.

Any subscriptions for streaming media are the responsibility of the consumer and are not included in monthly service fees..