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19-Mar-2019 11:33

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If one of their residents wants to be called “ze” and “zir” — or really anything else, according to the law — they had better think twice before refusing.While New York City threatens all employers and landlords with large fines for refusing to use an individual’s preferred pronouns, California’s politicians are going further — they want jail time for dissenters.

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This “solution” is, of course, essential to cementing the “achievement” of “same-sex marriage,” transgenderism, cohabitation, etc.: to be “human,” man has to transcend his biology.

alifornia may see itself as a leader on criminal-justice reform, but it is on its way to creating a whole new class of criminals: citizens who use “him” to refer to a man and “her” for a woman.

The “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Long-Term Care Facility Resident’s Bill of Rights” has already been passed by California’s state senate and unanimously recommended by its state assembly’s judiciary committee.

It would impose left-wing dogma by force of law if it gets much further.

For now it is limited to nursing homes and intermediate-care facilities, but there is no reason for it to stop there.

article takes it as a given that social policy is just a little behind the curve on this issue, and that eventually—by putting money behind it—IVF will just become standard “treatment.” The article appears in a series “Your Money”—but it’s The privatization of marriage and parenthood have become so complete in American law that society is seen as having no interest in how members come into it or how society is sustained.