British vs american dating culture

23-May-2019 15:50

The single greatest factor that led to the emergence of the independent teenager was the automobile.Teens enjoyed a freedom from parental supervision unknown to previous generations. In earlier times, young boys and girls spent their first dates at home.In the 19th century, the American world consisted of children and adults.Most Americans tried their best to allow their children to enjoy their youth while they were slowly prepared for the trials and tribulations of adulthood.These young women probably raised the eyebrows of a number of their fellow sunbathers.But only a few years later, young people would be smoking, drinking and dancing with an abandon never seen before in America.Experimentation with sexual behaviors before marriage became increasingly common.Young Americans were now able to look beyond their own small towns at an enlarged dating pool.

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Teenagers were given privacy, and a sexual revolution swept America.

New products seemed to burst from American production lines with the potential of revolutionizing American life.