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27-Jun-2019 05:56

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I would talk to him, see what he has to say to explain.If he hasn't actually contacted anyone maybe its that he is craving attention.He swore to me that he hasn't contacted anybody (couldn't find any evidence that he had) and he was just curious.I think I was more hurt that these were the really disgusting sites it made ME feel cheap.I haven't confronted him face to face as yet but I have spoken to him over the phone about it.He says he's never contacted anyone on them and doesn't know why he's done it and is begging for my forgiveness!! I know one of them was joined a week ago and one has been active since November, I can't find proof of any messages or anything before November.I know that probably sounds dramatic but I will cut him off and he's on his own. I'm a different anonymous poster every time as I'm quite new LOL I have just found out someone I have dated on and off for the last 12 months and who I meet 6 years ago is married.I know it might sound arrogant but I spent years building up my ego after having it shattered by toxic people so I know what I'm worth and know I deserve better than that so will not hesitate to walk. Basically 6 years ago I joined a dating site, met this guy for coffee and we communicated via text, calls and msn.

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XXX Hey Glad to hear youve had a chat about this and I guess on the plus side at least he hasn't contacted anyone, not like my partner!I found out via the net history and I guessed at his password and was able to log into his accounts.I kept a quiet eye on him (yet wasn't happy at all) and he had put up a profile and just seemed to log in and browse. I confronted him and he told me it was for attention and a self confidence boost but had no intention of meeting anyone.However, I have told him if it happens again I will walk without pre-warning him and we will be done.

I'll leave the area asap (go back to my home town) without telling him and that will be that.I think for all of us finding ourselves in this position its different for each individual.