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Most locals know the best dive bars offer cheap beer in an unpretentious atmosphere.

Walk into any of them in Chicago and, while each has its own DNA, they all have the same thing in common: a handful of stools, bare bones tables, and cheap beer.

Global bar culture has taught us that a dive doesn’t necessarily mean dirty or dilapidated—sometimes, a city’s best dives are generally spotless, manned by a longtime owner, wonderfully cozy, and a bit lost in time.

A dive can mean a classic, long-lasting watering hole that’s hosted regulars and visitors for such a consistent amount of time that it’s an iconic spot known for affordable drinks in a relaxed environment.

A fine drink can be the cornerstone of a good trip made better, and it can happen anywhere: the perfect airport bar to wait out an unexpected layover or delay, the ultimate rooftop bar for enjoying a killer view from above, a pool- or ocean-side swim-up bar so you’re never thirsty, even when you’re surrounded by water.

We regularly cover trends in bars and nightlife, scouting on our trips to keep tabs on individual city scenes, which hotels have the best bars and clubs, even the annual events in the industry that rank the world’s best bars.

Oak Lawn locals love the Grapevine Bar for its jukebox and Playstation 2, while they head to Lee Harvey’s in The Cedars if they’re keen to bring their dog.

The wood-walled Lakewood Landing serves an addictive burger, the Goat offers authentic blues bands.

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Gentrification is a hallmark of the new Vancouver, and many of its finest dive bars have recently been remade as hipster boîtes, though a few notable downscale drinking spots remain.

Time Out Tavern is a great spot to watch the game, the Velvet Elvis for karaoke or fireball shots. Behave.” The subterranean Recessions has everything a true dive should, though The Raven gives it a run for its money with its killer jukebox and cheap drinks.