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11-Apr-2019 10:53

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Although we've been to Bristol Gardens (lovely), Kestrels spa (noisily relaxing) and The Paradise Club (Boscombe chapter),(forgive me lord for i have sinned) We're not late night party people so appreciate all the invites to Ab Fabs/Secrets/Chams/Gems/Liberation (wet dream edition)/Decs and of course Donkey Dicks which i'm sure are all lovely but we'd just be dozing in the dark room, we are however both fully laundered and come from a smoke and pet free home and are totally stain free but we havn't got a clue what we are doing, we're just making it up as we go along.. Know it's not everyone's cup of tea but its ours right now.. Also we NO LONGER MEET SINGLE GUYS (sorry for shouting but don't think they hear us) but that's no detriment to the ones we've met previously who were all gentleman, feel free to keep in touch tho'.. No more messages from (user no longer on site) either please, who is is this person? You've got them all foaming at the gash havn't you? We are looking for messages of extra ordinary magnitude. And come on fellas, get the mrs to do a bit of housework and pick up those dirty socks/straighten that picture above the fireplace/unstick the underwear from the wall before taking any pics, not the most flattering backdrop it has to be said. ) but we look more at the cleanliness of the room you're in than how hot you both look! "Dirty house = filthy stinking couple with drinking problems" (no they don't).

serial offenders) We only meet 2 or 3 times a year (never even managed that last year) so please pass us by if you're after a quick outing.. Well they say softly softly catchy monkey (We don't meet primates before you offer) so you never know..

If you are serious about your business success, we can get you there.

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We always aim to deliver our customers with high quality services and designs with their specific business requirement at fair price. you can go about your business, just look at the pictures and...along..along.....) You may recognize us from lots of other sites but that's not us, it's just desperado's stealing our pics..(even overtaken on the top Fab'd list once by one of our own pics from a couple on our friends list who've since blocked US! " couple but didn't think that would get us very far..(could it get any worse..? Thanx for the friend invites from all y'all in Arizona, New Jersey, Texas etc, etc, very practical. (shit we'll get no messages) We don't speak 'Jive' either so any messages like " ur mrs is da bomb"/"too rude bruv"/"she is sick" (you don't know the half of it mate) we'll simply have to ignore as we just don't know what you're on about, although we are down with OPP.. Or people that say shit like "it's on like Donkey Kong" or "hairy muff" when they mean "fair enough", gets on my tits it does, just say "fair enough".. Also due to Suzie waking up screaming "ALL THE COCKS FROM FAB ARE COMING TO GET ME" (thank god the pics aren't 3D!

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